Moving Cycling Photography Lighting Techniques

For those of us working on limited budgets, we have to learn to make do with what we have. In the short video clip below, photographer, Payton Ruddock, shows us how he used his existing equipment to capture some some sporty photographs of a triathlete.  Here’s how he did it:

Ruddock was able to get the shots by setting up a mobile studio in the back of his pickup truck where he secured his Alien Bees strobe and beauty dish onto a Manfrotto boom. To secure his precious cargo he tied everything down with bungee cords, sand bags, battery packs, and an assistant to hold everything in place.


Once everything was in place, the crew used a Sekonic Light Meter to meter about 15 foot away from the back of the truck where it was planned for the athlete to be cycling. The exact settings from the light meter were programmed into the camera and the studio was ready to start rolling as the cyclist paced behind.

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