Essential Lighting Tips For Wedding Photography

Wedding photography requires a few skills in making your prints appear professional. One section of making a photograph professional is lighting. Lighting in wedding photography is paramount in creating fantastic images. Taking photos of subjects not well lit will not turn out the way you would wish for. We have listed some great strategies below for lighting and wedding photography.

wedding photography lighting

“wedding photo” captured by Konstantin Koreshkov (Click Image to See More From Konstantin Koreshkov)

Tip 1: When to use natural light or flash photography

If you are utilizing natural light you will depend on the Kelvin level to find out the temperature of light and consequently the color of light. The coloring of light is essential to maintaining the colors you see around you. For example, the warmer the light the redder the light will probably be, therefore you might need to choose the time period you’ll go out and shoot the wedding photographs.

Tip 2: Determine the Sun’s Color Levels

A wedding photographer needs to comprehend the sun’s color level. Images usually lead the viewers toward certain emotions; usually softer colors evoke more emotion. Therefore comprehending the suns impact on the colors can help you find the correct time of day. The sun evokes blue hues every day, while closer to midday you’ll find more neutral colors. The neutral colors usually takes away some of the actual definition you want in your photograph. Understanding exactly how you would like to shoot the image will also assist you to determine when you wish to take the image.

lighting in wedding photography

“Wedding by” captured by Hairieamin (Click Image to See More From Hairieamin)

When using natural light you will have to work along with the angle and direction of the natural light. If the natural light is broad and diffused you’ll have softer shadows whilst the more narrow the light is focused the more shadow you can create. Frequently at noon when the sun’s rays is in mid arc you lose distinction of the subject matter. The actual subject could appear grainy. This is why shadow is used; the shadows can provide you more quality towards the image if used the right way. This provides to the beauty of your pictures.

You can also alter sunlight through certain techniques. Modifying sunlight when taking portraits outdoors requires the use of a background. You might choose to a breath taking landscape which will offer more composition towards the photo. You may need to block the sun in the event that it interferes with you or your subject’s sight. You might also bring in a white surface to fill the shadows.

Landscape photography demands less work than typically natural light for portraits. The truth is using natural sunlight for landscape photography without having modifications can yield you a much better photograph.

Wedding photography is an art that requires strategies and practice. Lighting is an important part of photography, especially when you’re using natural light. Natural light can bring plenty of shadows or take them away according to period. Understanding the most effective time for taking a photograph depends upon the sun’s position. Wedding photography can be an interesting hobby and career whenever practiced properly will give you an abundance of images for your home and others.

wedding photo lighting tips and techniques

“Kesha & Irina” captured by Olga Filonova (Click Image to See More From Olga Filonova)

Whether you are a professional or a novice photographer, you want to produce some exquisite photos with the proper lighting. With this in mind, choose your lighting according to your needs and the needs of your subject or object. Your images will be delightful with brightness when you use the best lighting situation.

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19 responses to “Essential Lighting Tips For Wedding Photography”

  1. milsztof says:

    Excellent tips for beginners. Can’t wait for more details.

  2. Nice tips about the lightening effects….In the photography the effects of the shadow and the lights are really play an important role…with your excellent technical skills your creativity is also matters…!!!!

  3. Completely true. I’ve seen amature wedding photographers do a good job for the most part, but could provide truely excellent photography for the bride and groom if they had just folllowed simple tips like these.

  4. I always take a diffuser with me (3x6feet)to soften direct sun light with a little bit of fill flash, and don’t forget to do a custom white balance if you are inside using avaialbe light.

  5. Great article. Too many amateurs out there theses days taking bad wedding photos with poor lighting. Maybe this will help them? I like Tip #1, knowing when to use natural light over flash/strobe. That can make or break your photo!

  6. Hi,really very nice tips for photography..Well wondering to know the best camera for these kind of pics..

  7. Excellent tips you have there. I have seen many photos taken by amateurs that captured the perfect moment, but ruined by poor lighting effects.

  8. Great article. This will be very useful for beginners.

  9. Very helpful tips. Lighting can influence not only the quality of the photo, it can also helps display the “mood” of the atmosphere.

  10. Andrea says:

    Great article. Lighting is my favorite thing about photography even though it’s the most difficult at times.

  11. I really love the Konstantin Koreshkov images to illustrate use of natural light. I couldn’t image a wedding couple not wanting a shot like that!

  12. Your blog is very amazing. These all tips are very useful for photographers. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog with us.

  13. Great info and advice! However, I am particularly blown away by the first photo without any flash.

  14. bhagya says:

    thank for ur tips.
    i think it is better to take photos in outdoors by using the natural light(if it available enough sun light) without using FLASHES…

    is am correct?

  15. Jen Wedding Photographer says:

    Great blog, the lighting tips are fantastic. I’ve been working on trying to get the lighting just right in my photos. I’ll have to try changing my angles to get better lighting. I love the look of natural light, but it can be really difficult to deal with. Great work on everything, keep posting.

  16. fashion week says:

    The tips are really very nice and I have gathered so many facts on it. I must sya that one should always keep them in mind while working on photography.

  17. Matthew D says:

    Great tips about natural light. I think more photographers need to take the time to find the perfect balance between natural light and fill flash.

  18. Barra Freed says:

    I really agree the contents in your post. It’s really a nice post about the lightening and also the provided images are so lovely. Thanks for your lovely post.

  19. Thank you for the very useful guide. It addresses the different lighting conditions during a wedding and how one to consider one versus the other. I am wedding photographer myself and prefer natural light when possible. Of course for the ceremony and in low light one has to bring additional light sources (video light, flashes, etc).

    Would like to see more examples and how the author would use video lights as these seem to be very popular lately.

    Related to this topic, I wrote a guide on how to make the brides look better on the photos. Simple tips which helped me tremendously over the years. Hope everyone would find it useful and helpful:

    Looking forward to learn from all wedding photographers on this site.


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