Creative Hair Flower Portrait Session Close to Home

With a pandemic going on, many people are under tremendous stress. Whether it’s lockdown restrictions or social isolation, there are numerous hurdles to overcome. Creatives, including photographers and content creators, are no better off. If you too have been facing a creative block, or have been feeling unmotivated, photographer Hayden Pedersen has one idea for you:

What Pedersen does is pretty basic. He simply has his subject lay on the table and arranges her hair to form curls. He then places some flowers to complete the image and the results come out very interesting.

His message is simple: stress should not hamper your creativity. You can easily explore ways, even around your home, to come up with new ideas. It could be macro photography, water-drop photography, smoke photography, photographing flowers, taking portraits of a family member—anything at all. You just need to look around.

What is your idea to keep your creative juices flowing in tough situations? We’d love to read your thoughts on this matter.

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