Alfred Stieglitz: Photography as Art

As a photographer, Alfred Stieglitz played a major role in the recognition of photography as art. By his mid-20s he had won numerous awards for his camerawork, despite having been rejected by many of his colleagues. Desperate to get the recognition photography deserved, Stieglitz dedicated his life to the arts, opening a gallery in New York City and curating cutting edge collections from artists all over the world. Many of the collections Stieglitz brought to the states, including a set of Picasso paintings and drawings, were met with ridicule from American art patrons. Still, Stieglitz pressed forward with the gallery, eventually overcoming the adversity placed upon him by idealistic buyers. Take a look at his inspiring story in the documentary below:

“Work isn’t art until enough noise is made about it, until someone rich comes along and buys it.”

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