This Brilliant Los Angeles Hyperlapse Looks Like Magic

These days, anyone can produce a timelapse or hyperlapse with a little bit of effort. But once in a while a brilliant example of a photographer’s passion and dedication is published online in the form of stunning footage that simply transgresses the borders of definition. Words can hardly do justice to something which is so breathtaking and beyond awe-inspiring:

Photographer Vadim Tereshchenko shot this Los Angeles hyperlapse over a course of two years. He mentions as a footnote to the video that he spent a considerable amount of time scouting for locations and waiting for the perfect conditions.

los angeles hyperlapse
hyperlapse example
example of hyperlapse

Tereshchenko’s immaculate sense of lighting and near perfect ability to spot it produces beautiful transitional effects, sunrises, dawn to day, and dusk to night. Many of the post processing techniques, as well as the shooting technique he used are self-developed.

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