Hyperlapse Photography of Berlin, Germany

There have been a lot of timelapse videos hitting the Internet, which has helped raise filmmakers’ standards. But it has also left some looking to possible next steps. In pursuit of the next big thing, photographers have started to experiment with something dubbed hyperlapse (essentially timelapse with huge movements). While some are better than others, Shahab Behzumi has created a shining example in his Berlin Hyperlapse. The amount of photos and video processing power this requires is staggering:

In making Berlin, the photographer spent just six days photographing and a very long four months in post production. Each of the thousands of still photographs used to create the film were stabilized manually. All the shots were taken on a Nikon D7000 with either a 18mm–105mm or a 70mm–300mm lens.

timelapse photography

 “[The frames per second was] something between 25 and 100. You can speed up almost everything but you can’t slow down footage, which is around 25 fps. In order to get smoother sequences you have shoot more pics, but it’s rendered in 25 fps.”

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