Pre-Digital Photography Infographic: The Evolution of the Camera

While many inventors are considered to have developed the first photographic camera, photography appears to have had its earliest start in the thick of the Middle Ages (1000 AD) when a man named Alhazen rigged the first pinhole camera, which we now call the Camera Obscura. From there, all the way to the 1981 Sony Mavica film camera, this infographic will take you on a journey through time to show you the colorful evolution of the photographic camera throughout history:

evolution camera history short infographic photographic camera camera obscura daguerreotype alhazen

The history of the photographic camera. (Via Click to see full size.)

Have you ever owned any of these cameras? Are you still using any of them? We would love to hear about how they handle!

In case you’re curious, the very first digital camera was developed by an Eastman Kodak engineer named Steve Sasson in December 1975. The groundbreaking camera boasted a megapixel count of 0.1, weighed a whopping 8 pounds, and required 23 seconds to record a single image!

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