Photolemur A.I. Photo Editor

Powered by AI, Photolemur recovers colors, corrects lighting and exposure, and does even more in just one click. No need for manual editing.


New: Photo Editing with Artificial Intelligence

Great photos automatically

Photolemur analyzes each image and makes it awesome — automatically.

Why Use Photolemur?

  • Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to fix images
  • Processes dozens of photos at the same time
  • Automatically detects & fixes faces, skies, greenery & more
  • Works with all kinds of photos: landscapes, portraits, family, etc.
  • Supports Raw and all other popular formats
  • Is always available and works day and night without interruptions
  • Makes your photos look pro without expensive gear
  • Gives you hours & days of additional free time
automatic photo editing

Before & After Example with Photolemur

Photolemur automatically makes your photos better with the help of artificial intelligence, latest image processing technologies and a bit of magic. You load photos, Photolemur does the rest.

Photolemur’s Automatic Photo Fixes:

  • color recovery – this tech makes sure your photos retain the bright, vivid colors of real life.
  • sky enhancement
  • exposure compensation
  • smart dehaze
  • natural light
  • tint perfection
  • RAW processing
  • foliage enhancement
  • noise reduction
  • face retouching
  • horizon straightening
artificial intelligence photo

Photo Edited by Artificial Intelligence

Photolemur is the smart photography assistant, created to automatically enhance your photos. Its designers call it the next generation of artificial intelligence, created to automatically perform complex tasks that traditionally require a significant amount of time and effort.

Photolemur aims to make your photos more vivid, beautiful, and natural without complicated manual image editing nor a steep learning curve.

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