Interesting Photo of the Day: Stars over Yellowstone Falls

Today’s interesting photo is the perfect combination of amazing landscape and stunning nightscape. Photographer Royce Bair captured this truly surreal shot of the Milky Way over Yellowstone Falls:

milky way above yellowstone falls starscape

“Yellowstone Stars” by Royce Bair (Via 500px. Click image to see full size.)

Baird shot this 15 second exposure with a Canon 5D Mark III and a 24mm f/1.4 lens.

At first glance, one might think that this is some sort of composite shot, with Yellowstone Falls and the Milky Way shot separately. That is not the case. Bair used an AlienBees B1600 setup with a Long Throw Reflector (28º) and a Vagabond Mini Lithium power unit to light paint the canyon and waterfall while exposing the starscape above. Bair says that the planning, calculations, and building of lighting equipment for the shot took almost two months.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Stars over Yellowstone Falls”

  1. mike penney says:

    Really hard to believe you can light something a mile away in the wilderness with a pop gun flash. If this wasn’t Blair Royce I would say this is pure baloney. Let’s see the RAW file anyway.

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