Interesting Photo of the Day: Paris in Gold

No, this surreal scene isn’t a still from a high-budget futuristic blockbuster. This isn’t the result of some elaborate stage lighting or expensive props. Photographer Michael Sidofsky just managed to use the magic of daybreak to bring the Place du Trocadero to life in today’s interesting photo.

golden light

Paris by Michael Sidofsky (Via Reddit. Click to see full size.)

Strong shapes, deep shadows, and warm, reflective textures make this shot hard to turn away from. Masterfully composing the iconic Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, Sidofsky manages to instantly transport viewers to the heart of France. And, if you’ve ever questioned the old saying that the “early bird gets the worm”, this photo should put those doubts to bed. Getting out to this tourist hot spot before the crowds tied together the dreamlike state seen here, almost devoid of people.

Some photographers are a bit apprehensive of photographing subjects like the Eiffel Tower that have been captured on film millions of times before. But the beauty of photography lies in the fact that there are countless ways to reinvent even the most familiar scenes.

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