Interesting Photo of the Day: A Light Through the Night

Want a different take on your average forest landscape? Through selective lighting, today’s interesting image offers a new perspective on the oft-photographed subject.

light night

“Running in a Dark Forest” by user AspLeaf . (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

How did Reddit user AspLeaf manage to capture this mysterious streak blazing through a terrain blanketed in black?  The answer is actually simpler than you’d expect.

What you’re seeing here is the remnants of a 3,500 lumen headlamp being run through a 20 second exposure. To avoid capturing his own shadow, the photographer started behind the trees, then turned the corner and ran toward the camera. This creates the surreal effect that something magical was taking place in the mossy forest.

Furthermore, as he ran, he took care to point his lamp downwards so as to expose the greenery in front of his feet. This creates the perfect amount of color to really cut through the otherwise monotone shot. While it is simplistic, it’s strange and satisfying enough to make us do a double-take.

It just goes to show you – with a little bit of creativity and inventiveness, it’s easy to breathe new life into even the most overworked scenes!

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