Interesting Photo of the Day: ISS Long Exposure

Nineteen year old Marcus Cote is a college student and an amateur photographer based out of the Space Coast of Florida. He’s currently working on  a 365 day photo challenge. This photo is a part of that ongoing process:

long exposure of the ISS passing over

“I used a long exposure to photograph myself watching the ISS pass across the night sky.” (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

On a day that the ISS was making a high angle and high magnitude pass, Cote set his camera on bulb mode, and once the exposure began, he ran into the frame and sat quietly as the ISS passed over.

As acknowledged by Cote, since he momentarily moved during the exposure, he was somewhat transparent in the final image, and there is some visible light pollution toward the bottom of the image. Despite those self-reported flaws, this is a really interesting image.

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