Interesting Photo of the Day: Geological Rock Patterns

Patterns and textures always make for interesting photography and are often sought out by photographers for just that reason. They can be found in the most unusual places and can be formed by any number of materials. Take, for example, this awesome photo of a rock formation:

Lineas IV (Via Imgur. Click for larger size.)

The image was captured in Zumaia, a small town located in Northern Spain, well known for flysch–the rocks you see in the photo. The Flysch, is recognized as the longest continuous strata on earth and are popular attraction to tourists as well as geologists, because they date back to the mid-cretaceous era, 100 million years ago.

The photographer used a Canon 5D Mark II and a focal length of 20mm. The settings were a shutter speed of 137 seconds, an aperture of f/8, and ISO 400.

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