Interesting Photo of the Day: Festive London Lights

London is a spectacular city to photograph at night—the historic buildings are lit up, the double-decker buses zoom past, and, last Christmas, there were strings of fairy lights hung across everything. In this image, you simply see it all:

london lights long exposure

(Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Tomasz Kozak, a Polish-born cityscape and wedding photographer living in Manchester, captured this great nighttime shot with a three-second exposure, f/8 aperture, and 100 ISO. The yellow cogs, hung up specially as part of a public art project, were captured in a different aperture.

As Kozak writes on his website:

“We spent 3 evenings capturing the beauty of newly installed lights. I was happy to be given free hand in stylistics and presentation. It meant I could try some creative things with long exposure by capturing light left by passing vehicles and freezing time into one frame….For me it is more than just Christmas lights- it is a combination of an art and the festive spirit.”

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