Interesting Photo of the Day: Colorful Autumn in Australia

Autumn truly is a fantastic time of year. The air has the perfect amount of bite to it and nature puts on a shade of yellow, red or orange that makes everything appear so beautiful. Photographer Dillon Monopoli took the following image of a tram during autumn in Victoria Parade, Australia. The image perfectly captures the autumn vibes in the region:

Victoria Parade Tram in Autumn

“Colorful Autumn in Victoria Parade, Australia” by Dillon Monopoli (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Monopoli took the image with his Nikon D7500. The color in the image is what makes it quite interesting to look at. The instant you look at the image, the dominance of the orange shade immediately gives you a sense of autumn. That’s the power of color. A great example of how colors can work as a visual stimulant. The only greens you can see is on the tree at the back and some grass on the right. This gives a strong indication that autumn is in full swing. And quite interestingly, the scroll and lights on the tram are also similar in color to the leaves, which complements the image well.

Besides color, the composition is quite well configured. The tracks work as strong leading lines drawing us right into the incoming tram. And even the tree branches do a great job of working as a frame and emphasizing the tram.

Are autumns in your area this colorful?

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