Interesting Photo of the Day: Philadelphia Long Exposure

Ready to see the city of Philadelphia in a brand new light? Check out this breathtaking scene captured by Toronto-based photographer Michael Sidofsky.

“Philly by Night” by Michael Sidofsky (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Taken from the iconic art museum steps Sylvester Stallone jogged in the 1976 classic Rocky, Sidofsky actually used a combination of images bracketed together to get the final result shown above. Using a Sony a7Riii, he captured the city scene with three exposures measuring 30 seconds, 8 seconds, and 2 seconds. In post, these images were blended together to create a base image.

Then, Sidofsky made an additional 167 second exposure (with 6-stop ND filter) to capture the light trails created by rush-hour traffic. Stacked on top of the base after the fact, the image above was born.

Thanks to a powerful 70-200mm telephoto lens, the entirety of city hall is compressed into this stellar scene. The Washington Monument fountain watches over the bustling Ben Franklin Parkway, perfectly capturing the vibrant spirit of Philadelphia in one magnificent moment.

Whether you call Philly home or live hundreds of miles away from the birthplace of America, this is one photograph that inspires you to seek out beauty in the buildings and streets that every city has to offer!

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