Interesting Photo of the Day: Moment of Impact

Timing is everything. As in this amazing image of the exact moment a young boy breaks open a piñata. The photo’s focus really makes the shot:

moment of impact pinata being destroyed

“Moment of Impact” by Drack ma (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size).

The way the image is focused on the candy right before it falls makes this picture one in a million! The photographer used a 1/2000 shutter speed at f/1.4 and ISO 100 to take this shot with his Canon 6D. He feels he got lucky with the shot, since he was actually using burst mode to take a series of photos—and this one was just perfect.

My opinion is that he nailed the settings perfectly; the shallow depth of field allows you to focus on the candy alone, and to make a very crisp image even though there was a lot of action going on at the moment of the photo.

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