Interesting Photo of the Day: Lake Wanaka Tree Framed By Falling Leaves

It takes a genuine effort to photograph a popular landmark in a new way. Photographer Marine Valencia did just that by photographing an image of a popular tree in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand:

tree in lake wanaka

“Winter mornings at lake Wanaka ” by Marie Valencia (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

What’s unique in this photograph is that Valencia has used a basic composition technique that is very pleasing to the human eye. She has framed the tree with colorful orange leaves that complement the yellow tree, the blue foreground and the background. The photograph was taken during sunrise, which beautifully illuminated the one side of the tree with a yellowish tone, making it pop. In her Instagram post, the photographer does admit that it was a difficult challenge to make this image stand out, as this is a place photographed by so many other talented photographers.

“I gathered up some crispy orange leaves and started sprinkling them in front of the camera. It was fun messing about and trying to frame a shot to make it different.”

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