Interesting Photo of the Day: Curious Fox Requests a Portrait

On his way to snowy St. Anne’s mountain for a winter shooting adventure, romanian photographer Dan Dinu had a lovely surprise, as he was presented with the chance to properly meet and photograph a posing wild fox. Indeed, it doesn’t sound quite true, but the following picture leaves no doubts about this uncommon and potentially dangerous meeting:

fox photo

Curious Fox Wants to be Photographed (Imgur)

The fox happened to be raised by a local forester, and so it became rather friendly around small (and quiet, if possible) groups of people/tourists. Dan says it’s still prudent to keep your distance from this kind of wild animals — you shouldn’t even try to feed them, as they may act strangely and realize you’re some kind of a menace to the species. As a matter of fact, Dan states that it was the fox itself who took the liberty to get closer to him, and not the other way around!

But it so does seem that several friendly foxes do walk around the route to St. Anne’s mountain greeting and posing to photographers. Dan himself saw four of them within a short distance, but only this particular one was affable enough to peek around the wide angle lens:

fox portrait

Resulting Fox Portrait (Imgur)

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8 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Curious Fox Requests a Portrait”

  1. Arun says:

    awww! this is amazing, definitely u had a great experience. thanks for sharing.

  2. John says:

    How does someone who writes for a photography site refer to this guys lens as “wide angle”?
    I would say that’s a Nikon 70-200. Hardly a wide angle lens.

  3. Helder says:

    John, how does someone who reads photography sites can make such unfounded and stingy comments?

    The author of the picture refers the use of a wide angle lens, in his description of the story:
    “I think that no other truly wild specimen would let me photograph him with a wide angle lens.”

    Being professional and constructive is always a plus.

  4. Cahyo Sukaryo (@csukaryo) says:

    Love the Fox’s expression! :)

  5. Avola says:

    It’s amazing how close the fox got to the photographer. It’s once in a lifetime.

  6. mike penney says:

    I have meet a few foxes. They seem gentle, curious, smart, and beautiful. They do have sharp teeth though. I wonder if they could be a pet?

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