Los Angeles Time-Lapse Photography

In this first installment of the timelapse photography project known as TimeLAX, the iVideoMaking studio has released a four-and-a-half minute video that shows the bright lights, fast cars, and busy people of metropolitan Los Angeles. The complete series will be the result of photo shoots taken at more than 200 locations in the Greater Los Angeles area, ranging in subject from well-known landmarks to remote and hard-to-find locations:

Shot by a photographer known only as RalphGM, and edited by RandyFX, the presentation focuses primarily on night shots, or sequences that transition from day to night, offering a perspective of the city that is bright and vibrant.

“There was a lot of time spent doing research and planning for each sequence because we had to constantly check the weather forecasts for fog, rain, wind and clouds. As well, it was necessary to monitor the moon phase calendar and the times the moon was going to rise & set.” –TimeLAX

Los Angeles TimeLAX photography project
Los Angeles stadium time-lapseLos Angeles time-lapseLos Angeles city time-lapse

A truly great way to document a city that never stops moving.

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