Timelapse of Los Angeles Transitioning from Day to Night

You may remember photographer Colin Rich from the viral timelapse video L.A. Night. Now, Rich has made another L.A. centric timelapse which you can watch below. This latest timelapse, titled Nightfall, takes viewers on a trip through many Los Angeles districts as the sinking sun transforms into starlight. Rich employed multiple motion control techniques and a FloatCam DC Slider to capture the sun’s transition, a process which allowed Rich to capture only a single shot per day. Take a few minutes to enjoy Rich’s piece of art that presumably took many moons to complete:

Timelapse videos, such as Nightfall, are made by combining tens of thousands of still photographs together to create a motion picture. This makes both the process of making the photographs and editing them very time consuming. It is typical to spend six months or more creating a single three minute long video.

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“I shot Nightfall in an attempt to capture Los Angeles as it transitioned from day to night. As you probably know, LA is an expansive city so shooting it from many different angles was critical. Usually I was able to capture just one shot per day with a lot of driving, exploring, and scouting in between but the times sitting in traffic or a ‘sketchy’ neighborhood often lead to new adventures and interesting places.”

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