Los Angeles at Night, a Timelapse Masterpiece

Two years ago Colin Rich, an ambitious photographer and filmmaker, set out on an exploration of Los Angeles and told the city’s stories through timelapse photography. The first two installations to his remarkably crafted LA centric trilogy, LA Light and Nightfall, were well received, and City Lights, the third and final chapter, doesn’t disappoint either. Have a look at his impressive camera work:

Rich uses a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 6D to capture the tens of thousands of still photographs used to assemble the timelapse video. The smooth panning shots were done with the help of a Dynamic Perception slider that is used in conjunction with a motor and controller.



The footage captures LA during its transition into night, when the buildings and city lights begin sparkling. The video also takes us outside the city center to take in the skyline from afar.


You may remember reading about Rich’s timelapse project before right here on PictureCorrect. You can revisit those stories, as well as watch the other two timelapses in this trilogy, by clicking through to Night Fall and LA Light.

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