Debunking Myths in Landscape Photography

There are a surprising number of myths in the world of photography. In the following video, photographer Mads Peter Iversen talks about, and debunks, seven of the most common myths in landscape photography.

Iversen discusses some pretty interesting myths that people genuinely believe. For instance, many photographers still think they need to always shoot in manual mode, or else they’re not a “professional”. They even firmly believe that you cannot become a good photographer unless you are a technical mastermind. But that’s not true. Semi-automatic modes, or even the infamous “P mode,” can help you take fantastic images. A creative mind, an eye for composition and a basic understanding of light are far more important.

Iversen discusses other beliefs, too, such as how HDR photos are always bad, good photos can sell themselves and golden hours are the ultimate time to capture landscapes. You can even find people who believe that landscape photography is pointless, because everything has already been photographed multiple times. While some of these myths may be true to a little extent, others make no sense at all.

Make sure that you watch the full video and see how Iversen debunks some of these myths in photography. And if you happened to believe any of these myths, or know of any other myths in photography, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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