Interesting Photo of the Day: Aurora Over Iceland

A display of the Northern Lights is a breathtaking experience for anyone. Seeing this amazing natural phenomenon is often a once in a lifetime experience. For Michael Pistono, that eventful evening was a memorable one, when the gods finally smiled upon him and gave him the opportunity to record what he saw:

photographer captures image of Aurora exploding over Iceland

“Aurora Exploding over Iceland” by Michael Pistono (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The weather leading up to this shot was bad, but it cleared up and Pistono had a clear two hour window of opportunity to experience and photograph this amazing phenomenon. By his own admission, it was easily the most beautiful thing he has ever seen in his entire life. He laughed hysterically all the while standing in freezing cold, his boots in the icy water. He mentions that he had planned this shoot several months in advance but never thought that this would actually work out because of the inclement weather.

Pistono used a Canon 6D paired with a 17–40mm lens at ISO 4000 and 20 seconds. He didn’t seem to give away information about the f-stop, but we can assume that it was small, considering the scene.

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