Adding Mood to Landscape Photography

When you see a landscape image in a bright and sunny setting, you feel cheerful. Contrarily, when you see another image with gloomy clouds, you lose the excitement; it forces you to think about what you’re looking at. Such is the power of mood in photography. They have the ability to evoke emotions. So, how can you go about injecting emotion into your landscape photographs? Photographer Nick Page explains:

Page talks about three basic tools that he uses to convey moods in his landscape photographs: saturation, white balance, and the overall brightness of the image. He talks about how you can go about adjusting these three elements to convey the right mood.

For instance, vibrant images excite you. They add to the life of an image. Whereas by desaturating a landscape image, you can take the life out of it. But in this case, the choice of colors that you want to emphasize or take away plays an important role. Similarly, warm colors evoke happiness while cooler tones evoke mystery or sadness. And lastly, bright photos give a sense of hope and happiness. Dark photos on the other hand have a dreary feeling to them.

It’s thus really important that you’re clear as the creator of the image on how you want to present it. Post-processing plays a big role and it’s important that you shoot in raw format. This provides you much greater flexibility and enables you to rightly present what you have in your mind.

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