11 Spiral Staircases from Around the World

Spirals occur everywhere around us and can be a great way to add interest to photographic composition. These 11 photos show interesting examples of spiral staircases from all around the world. Enjoy the view!


photo by luke chan


photo by Jan Fidler


photo by Marco52


photo by Jet Rabe


photo by Chris Smith


photo by Ria Holcak


photo by Jeff Oliver


photo by Nan Palmero


photo by Joe Dyndale

How have you used spirals to add that extra touch to your photos? Give us examples—in words or photos—in the comment section below!

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7 responses to “11 Spiral Staircases from Around the World”

  1. Lisa Dorne Barber says:

    Fantastic photos, and brilliant photo subject idea, but only recognise one of them – The Queen’s House at Greenwich, London, but would be really nice to know where the others are, so we can all go and view them for ourselves!

  2. Xopher says:

    The top one looks like the double helix at the Vatican Museums.

  3. Tony Murtagh says:

    The Spiral Staircase in the Vatican Museum, with a Christmas Tree at the bottom. It was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932. It is shaped like a double helix, made of two intertwined spirals; one leading down and the other upwards.


  4. Bert says:

    Very nice! Wonderful places

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