Interview With Ukrainian Roofer Photographers

It appears as though the death defying antics of the two Ukrainian photographers who are notorious for free climbing skyscrapers to take photographs are still at it. After the first set of images posted last year went viral, the pair of roofers replied with a second stomach churning group of photos. The roofers actions have been met with both, widespread criticism and amazement. In an effort to shed light on their on their unique and dangerous passion, they have recently done an interview which can be seen below:

Given the obvious dangerous situation these photographers are putting themselves in, it is difficult to condone such behavior; however, it is interesting to hear the roofers perspective. Vadim Mahorov and  Vitaliy Yakhnenko (Via Petapixel), the two roofers featured in the clip above say the number of people doing what they do can be counted on one hand, which does not seem surprising after watching them at work.

professional photographer interview

“We really like roofing, it brings us joy and an experience we can’t find in ordinary life. Roofing is part of my creative development it influences my work although I don’t yet where it will take me in the future”

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