What Can a Building Teach You About Photography?

Listening to Andy Romanoff talk about his approach to photography in the following video can give photographers some helpful insight. As he outlines in the profile, he has always taken a different path when it comes to photographing people, objects, and places. He has learned to create art out of what others might consider mundane. Listen to his inspiring words:

As Romanoff so eloquently says in the video, it is possible to see the same thing in very different ways by studying it at different times throughout the day and night. Being aware of the ways that things change as the light moves around them helps to create distinct images. Romanoff spent six months photographing the same building–the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. The exercise produced a gallery of unique images that prove that observation of changes in light and perspective are crucial to creative photographers.



“The luxury, the beauty, of shooting this place is that I can come here day after day, I could walk around and some days I would be inspired and some days I could just be shooting because I had come to shoot and either way the building would be there the next day. Then the building began to reveal itself because when you stay in a place for a while the sun begins to change.”

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One response to “What Can a Building Teach You About Photography?”

  1. Great video and photographer. I share some of the feelings/emotions this gentleman goes through while shooting. Thanks for sharing!

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