The Trick to Photographing Everyday Life

Photographing everyday activities and objects is something that almost anyone can do. However, it takes a skilled eye and creative thinking to make that image stand out. It’s challenging to catch an audience’s attention with images of everyday objects. It just seems too ordinary for them. In today’s video, photographer Vuhlandes joins his friend William Verbeeck to walk around the street of Los Angeles taking some “ordinary” photos. Let’s see what they come up with:

For your images of everyday life to really stand out, you need to be able to capture the subtle things that life shows you. Photographing everyday life doesn’t necessarily mean that you simply go on capturing normal things. It is your job as a photographer to find what’s special and present it in an interesting way. Having a keen eye with a creative outlook is therefore crucial.

You can easily see how Verbeeck is able to make his images stand out. He’s just taking photos of random houses and cars, but if you pay close attention, there’s more to his pictures than just the objects. He beautifully captures life without really having life in it. That takes skill.

You also need to keep in mind that the term “ordinary” is subjective. Every other person can have an entirely different definition of it. So it’s a good idea to grab a few photographer friends and go for a photowalk with a theme to capture ordinary life. You will be surprised how everyone has a different approach. Give it a try.

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