Top 10 Timelapse Photography Videos of the Year

This year has seen some truly beautiful photography and videography, but there’s nothing like a well-crafted timelapse to blow your socks off and inspire you to grow as a photographer. With that in mind, this is a list of the ten most popular Vimeo timelapses to date from this year, based on each video’s play count and number of comments and likes:

1. “A supercell near Booker, Texas” by Mike Olbinski

2. “Adrift” by Simon Christen

3. “Time-Lapse | Earth” by Bruce W. Berry Jr.

4. “NIGHTVISION” by Luke Shepard

5. “Dubai Timelapse” by dimid

6. “Nambian Nights” by Marsel Van Oosten (Squiver)

7. “Macro Timelapse” by Daniel Csobot

8. “MIDTOWN” by Drew Geraci

9. “Adventure is Calling” by Shane Black

10. “Mirror City Timelapse” by Michael Shainblum

Via Alexandros Maragos

Have a favorite timelapse from this list? We’d love to hear what struck your fancy and why!

If none of these timelapses hit the spot for you, check out some of the others we’ve covered lately, such as Richard Gottardo’s  “Northern Lights Timelapse,” Joe Capra’s “RIO,” Bevan Percival’s twin timelapses of New Zealand, and Joel Schat’s “Albuquerque Balloon Festival.”

Or better yet, learn how to create a timelapse for yourself through Dustin Farrell’s “Time-Lapse Photography: Start-To-Finish” tutorial or Nathaniel Dodson’s series of detailed walkthroughs for every step of the process. Happy timelapsing!

For Further Training on Timelapse Photography:

There is a COMPLETE guide (146 pages) to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapses using a dslr camera. Found here: The Timelapse Photography Guide

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