Top 10 Most Popular Photography eBooks

The eBook industry has skyrocketed recently as more people acquire tablets and other digital reading devices. Many high quality photography eBooks are now available that offer extremely valuable information. For photographers they can be especially helpful for ongoing training because they are digestible on a computer and then can also be carried for reference on location via a mobile reading device. Here are the most popular eBooks consumed by our readers:

1. Trick Photography and Special Effects

trick photography ebook

Trick Photography

Description: A best-selling instructional eBook that explains how to do amazing photography tricks and photoshop effects. It is very detailed and includes extensive explanations of many complicated methods that are very fun to learn. There is valuable information here for photographers of any experience level. The 2nd edition was recently released and has been well received by readers.

  • Author: Evan Sharboneau
  • Length: 300 Pages & 9 Hours of Video
  • Price: $97 (Currently $47)
  • It can be found here: Trick Photography eBook

2. Incredibly Important Composition Skills

composition skills

Composition Skills

Description: Learn how to create captivating photos by unlocking the secrets of composition. building composition skills is the fastest and most lasting way to create amazing images. But learning about composition can be frustrating. The information out there is vague and confusing. And it never leaves you feeling like you really know how to create great photos. This eBook is designed to teach composition in a better way.

3. Essentials of Street Photography

essentials of street photography

Street Photography

Description: Street photography is a broad subject with many different opinions, styles and techniques involved. This eBook covers everything about the genre even down to specific post processing techniques that can bring the best out of street scenes (& includes a bonus eBook of interviews with famous street photographers). Focusing on both the equipment settings and technical concepts that are involved in the craft.

4. Shooting Stars


Shooting Stars

Description: Ever wished you could capture stunning images of the night sky? Capturing star trails and other night sky scenes is truly one of the most technically difficult forms of photography. This new in-depth eBook was released to help photographers thrive in this situations. It is designed to help you master these styles in particular: twilight landscapes, night sky scenes, star trails, the moon, night sky timelapse videos.

  • Author: Phil Hart
  • Length: 132 Pages
  • Price: $19.95
  • It can be found here: Shooting Stars

5. Time-lapse Photography Guide

time-lapse photography ebook

Time-lapse Photography

Description: Complete guide to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapses. Covers everything from start to finish including shooting, processing and rendering. Balancing time-lapse image settings. Shooting time-lapse: composition and exposure. Preventing timelapse flicker. Creating the time-lapse movie: codecs and frame rates, software workflows and walkthroughs.

6. Close-Up and Macro Photography eBook

macro photography

Macro and Close-Up

Description: An eBook designed to give you everything you need to get started with close-up & macro photography. You can start taking amazing macro photos with the lenses you already have. Learn how to use inexpensive tools and lighting techniques to create exciting larger-than-life images. Special effects, product shots, food photography, flowers, insects, and abstract images are all covered.

7. The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

wedding photography

Wedding Photography

Description: Learn the art and business of wedding photography. Two concepts (when done right) can put you in high demand. You’ll get a comprehensive, insider’s guide to photographing a wedding (start to finish!). We’ll share our secrets to creating buzz around your work, turning clients into lifelong customers, and gaining referrals. Think of it as marketing made easy.

8. Mastering Natural Light

natural light

Natural Light

Description: Written and lavishly illustrated to provide a complete, comprehensive guide to using natural light in photography. Master the technical components you’ll need to work with specialized situations, including exposure, metering, and the histogram. Grasp the potential of harsh light, diffused light, fog, twilight, etc. Learn to sculpt light, create light interplay, reveal silhouettes, and more.

  • Author: Mitchell Kanashkevich
  • Length: 96 Pages
  • Price: $19.99
  • It can be found here: Natural Light Guide

9. Extremely Essential Camera Skills

essential camera skills

Essential Camera Skills

Description: A downloadable multimedia tutorial with videos that teaches you how to take control over your camera, and get creative and confident with your photography. By combining illustrations, text, photos and video, it will help you get control in no time. Includes a bonus Field Guide—a printable pocket guide with some of the most essential information beautifully laid out inside.

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