Using the Weather to Capture Great Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the most inspiring and beautiful of all the photographic genres. A good landscape will transport us visually to a beautiful part of the world, and many landscape photographers strive to show us these places under perfect conditions. Certain locations however, can be utterly transformed by harsh weather conditions and in this short film, Australian photographer Peter Lik takes us deep into the Pacific Northwest during torrential rain:

Battling the elements and wading through waist high water, Peter takes us to remote locations, where the rain torrents have transformed the landscape. Peter uses slow shutter speeds, to blur the cascades of water tumbling into the canyons, creating a ghostly, ethereal look to his stunning images.

landscape photography in weather

“Allure” captured by Peter Lik

The hard work and fight against the inclement weather really pay dividends with a series of stunning looking landscapes.

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