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So, you’ve got this great camera. And it seems it can do a million things. But that’s sort of the problem. Even simple cameras can be confusing. This new course from Phil Steele is designed to help photographers be as comfortable holding your camera as a major-league pitcher holding a baseball. Currently 50% off for the launch sale which ends soon if you want to check it out. Found here: Understanding Your Camera Launch Sale

understanding your camera

Understanding Your Camera (Peek Inside)

The course consists of 10 video lessons covering the following.

  • Getting to Know Your Camera: How to hold your camera like a pro for steady, blur-free shots. DSLR vs. Mirrorless. When sensor size matters. The 35mm confusion. Curtain vs. leaf shutters. The parallax problem. Mirror lock-up. All the parts of your camera and their functions. Finally learn all those mysterious “camera secrets” you’ve wondered about — including those you didn’t know you didn’t know!
  • Lenses: F-stops finally explained clearly! An easy trick for remembering the f-stop series. Why “effective focal length” matters on crop sensors. Wide vs. Telephoto. Zoom vs. Prime. How your aperture works. Are more aperture blades better? Fast vs. slow lenses. Variable aperture zooms—good or bad? When to use stabilized lenses— and when not to.
  • Exposure: Forget the dreaded “exposure triangle”—here’s an explanation that finally makes sense. The most important part of your camera—which you may not even know about. Middle gray and why it matters. How your camera’s light meter sees the world. Exposure compensation. All your camera’s exposure modes explained.
  • Aperture: How the right aperture can make or break your photo. How aperture affects your photo—and how it doesn’t. When to shoot in Aperture Priority mode—and when not to. Why I shoot in Aperture mode most of the time. Finally “get” depth-of-field.
  • Shutter Speed: How to control motion in your photos. When to choose Shutter Priority mode. How to find the right shutter speed for moving objects. How to read the confusing shutter speed display in your viewfinder. The problem of flash sync and shutter speed. Panning to enhance motion. When you want motion blur—and when you don’t.
  • ISO: ISO as more than an exposure tool. How to use ISO to improve your photo quality. What is image noise, and why it occurs. When do you actually want noise? How Auto ISO can save your photo—or ruin it, if you don’t know what to watch out for.
  • Focus: The secrets of getting tack-sharp photos. Using manual focus. Focus peaking. All the mysterious Autofocus Modes explained. Autofocus Mode vs. Autofocus Area Mode. When to use Continuous Autofocus. Choosing Autofocus points (and why I choose mine manually). Face and Eye autofocus. How Back Button focus could change your life!
  • Metering Modes and Drive Modes: Matrix vs. center-weighted vs. spot metering—and when to use each. Meter and recompose? Auto-exposure lock. Drive modes explained. Quiet mode. Auto-Exposure Bracketing and HDR photos. The “other use” for the self timer—and why it’s so important.
  • White Balance: What is color temperature? Why don’t our photos have perfectly accurate color? White Balance presets vs. Manual White Balance. How to use a white balance card (and will a gray card do?) Two easy, foolproof ways to fix the color in your photos—in camera or in post-production.
  • Flash: The problems with built-in flash and how to avoid them. Your camera’s flash modes. Rear curtain flash. Fill flash. High speed sync. Flash exposure compensation. How to choose an external flash (speedlight). Speedlight features. TTL vs Manual flash. How flash sync speed can ruin your photos—unless you know the solution.
camera skills training

Concepts covered in the course

Worried that you don’t have the “right” kind of camera? No problem. This course is for all full-featured cameras. That means it’s perfect for your:

  • DSLR
  • Bridge
  • Mirrorless
  • or Point & Shoot

The only cameras that are not suitable for this course are smartphones, or fully automatic cameras that give you no control over your exposure settings (these are rare).

How to Get the Course for a Discount Today:

Understanding Your Camera is currently 50% off today for the launch sale (normally $99, today just $47). The launch also includes a bonus video with Exercises to Master Manual Photography. All of which comes with a generous 60 day happiness guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with what you learn, just email SteeleTraining and say, “Thanks, but this was not quite right for me.” And they will refund your purchase promptly.

Ending soon: Understanding Your Camera Launch Sale

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