Top Ways to Avoid Stock Photography Rejections

It’s always a good idea to have multiple sources of income. For many photographers, stock photography is a reliable source of passive income. However, in today’s market, stock photography is not easy at all. For one, the market is saturated with untold numbers of photographers; and two, the standard that stock photography agencies demand is very high. This means a lot of images get rejected. In today’s video, photographer Zdenka Darula shares some of her tricks to help you avoid rejections when submitting stock photographs:

Darula covers some of the basic technical reasons that are usually the root causes for agencies to reject stock photos. She elaborates on the aspects of focus, noise and composition. And toward the end of the video, she also briefly talks about how you can manage your colors and exposure.

Focus is the first thing anyone looks for in a stock photo. It’s vital that the key elements of the image are tack-sharp. Keep in mind the tiny screen on the camera can be tricky; what seems sharp on the back of the camera screen may not be so when viewed on a larger screen. Darula shows how you can use the power of Photoshop to extract details from out of focus areas, and also shares some shooting techniques to ensure you nail your focus.

When composing your images, pay special attention to how you frame the subject. Think from your client’s point of view and leave appropriate negative space accordingly. Negative space makes for great spots where clients can add text and logos. But if the subject appears nicely right in the middle, don’t hesitate to place them there.

Noise is the next reason why agencies tend to reject images. When you use the noise reduction tool globally, it essentially takes away the details from your entire image. Darula shows us a neat trick using the blur tool to get rid of noise without compromising the details on the image.

If you’re feeling down with agencies rejecting your stock photos, definitely watch this video. Darula’s tips will surely help you improve your acceptance rate significantly.

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