Tips for Managing Annoyances with Photography Clients

Most of us take up photography because it’s our passion. But working professionally means you will have to deal with clients—and while the client is always right, they’re not always easy to deal with. Some clients are super picky about what they want and dictate everything; others will do annoying things like edit images themselves or slap a filter on your work. In today’s sharp video, photographer Evan Ranft talks about some of the ways photography clients can drive you crazy:

Time is money, and so Ranft duly points out how clients can waste your time without compensation. Some are never on time. Others like to take unsolicited breaks when you’re waiting for them. As Ranft clearly outlines in the video, it is vital that you clearly explain to the client when your meter starts running and how you’ll be charging them, whether they decide to show up or not.

When working with corporate clients and other creative artists, chances are high they’ll want you to do everything. This includes not just taking photos but also things like creative direction, location scouting, talent management and so on. You need to be careful when working with such clients and make sure that you are well compensated for your effort. Otherwise, you should feel comfortable rejecting them.

Ranft also talks about clients who like to tamper with your images after the fact, clients who never end up using your pictures and clients who pay you late. But most importantly, he shares some good tips that can help you handle these situations and mitigate conflict. Be sure to watch the whole video to be prepared.

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    Nice shot. Especially the light and texture

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