Tips for Bold, Dynamic Urban Street Portraits

Urban portrait photography is a blend of portrait and street photography, but it’s also quite different from either genre. You retain the freedom of a model shoot, but you have to contend with a dynamic and lively urban backdrop. If you’re interested in learning more about this subgenre of photography, the video below is just for you. Photographer Manny Ortiz shares his tips and tricks that’ll help you take some breathtaking urban portraits:

When you’re out on the street, choosing the right specific location is an important step in making your images appear interesting. You can check out some of the fantastic locations that Ortiz finds to get a sense of the elements in the locations you should aim for.

Deeper into the video, he shares some interesting tips on how you can compose your portraits while including cityscapes in the background. For instance, you can use wide-angle lenses to get your subject and a tall building in the same frame by shooting from a lower angle. But when doing so, you run the risk of making the subject appear distorted. How do you handle that?

“You want to make sure that the model bends at the waist towards the camera. However, their head will appear small when using a wide-angle lens.”

In addition, Ortiz also shares quick and effective tips on how you can find the most flattering light, and how you can get the model to pose naturally for you. As a bonus, he also shares how he edits his images while on the go.

If urban portrait photography is something you want to learn about, be sure not to miss this video. You’ll definitely learn quite a bit from Ortiz’s tips and workflow.

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