Music Industry Photography Techniques

When it comes to photographing some of the biggest names in the music industry, photographer Olaf Heine doesn’t think twice about taking a walk on the wild side. He has, after all, asked the likes of Sting to get tied up in chest-deep water with gaffer tape on his mouth and Snoop Dogg to wear a hooded robe and carry a sword like some medieval mercenary. In the following video, Olaf revisits some of his most popular photos while sharing his photographic thought process:

Olaf stresses the point of really believing in one’s ideas and making sure that this belief comes across to his subjects and the rest of the crew.┬áSays Sting of the renowned lensman, “It takes a rare photographer like Olaf to get behind that mask, to reveal the vulnerable soul behind. I do not wish to give myself easily to the eye of a camera unless the person holding it is at risk too.”

Iggy Pop photograph

And with his edgy brand of music photography, taking risks is exactly what Olaf intends to do.

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