Luminosity & Contrast Landscape Photo Guide

Everything in photography can be summarized using Luminosity & Contrast. And this new guide by professional landscape photographer Alister Benn will show you how to see it and master it.

luminosity and contrast

New: Luminosity & Contrast Guide

The second we open our eyes, we experience luminosity and contrast; Darkness turns to light, blurriness and diffusion reveal details, textures, depth, three dimensionality and discernible shapes. Our world, and our place in it are completely governed by our perception, and as visual artists, our vision system is ground zero.

Luminosity represents how dark or light something is.

Contrast is defined by how far apart those luminosities are and the amount of each within the frame.

Some of the Many Topics Covered (229 Pages):

  • Light Conditions
  • Balance, Flow & Harmony
  • The Zone System
  • Emotional Impact
  • The Effects of Time
  • Luminosity
  • High Key
  • Low Key
  • Contrast
  • Types of Contrast
  • Transitions
  • Understanding Transitions
  • Types of Transitions
  • Developing Luminosity & Contrast
  • Introduction to Development
  • The 60 Second Edit
  • Influencing Luminosity & Contrast
  • Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
  • Lightroom Dodging & Burning
  • The Line in the Sand
  • Advanced Processing
  • Complete Control – Introduction
  • History Brush & Luminosity Masks

“Once you have looked at the world, and I mean truly looked, you will see for yourself how luminosity and contrast manifest themselves in every single second of our lives. This knowledge unlocks the secret of image-making; looking, engaging, arranging, discovering relationships, both real and imagined, adding your craft to record that moment and then developing a final photograph that turns out just the way you want it, in that moment. The last statement is key; every image we make is simply a manifestation of a moment – our creative choices there and then.”

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