How to Remove Your Ex From a Photo in Photoshop

Leaving your ex in your profile pictures with you can be awkward. But a failed crop job with limbs left in the picture is even worse. Photoshop’s pen tool, clone stamp, and brush tool are all you need to get rid of that ex as Phlearn shows us, once and for all in this video tutorial:

How to Remove a Person In Photoshop

  • Click the pen tool.
  • Make a selection around what you want to get rid of in your photograph, while defining the contours of the body of the subject. Click and drag to make the pen tools line longer. Hold Alt or Option whenever you want to change the angle.
  • Create a new layer once you’ve made your selection.
  • Right click on your selection and choose Make Selection. Feather it by 0.5 pixels or so. This tones down the edges and makes it a little more realistic.


  • If your background is busy, choose the clone stamp. Hold Alt and click where you would like to sample. Clone inside the selection. Be sure to sample from several areas to help blend the background.
  • If you have a plain or one color background, choose your paint tool and fill in.

If your background is busy, use the clone stamp to fill in the pen tool selection.


Use the paint tool to fill in a selection if the background is simple or a solid color.

  • Then click Select > Inverse to invert your selection to the body of the subject.
  • ***Tip: Pressing Control/Command + H and hiding the extras will get rid of the pesky dotted lines.
  • Use the clone stamp tool to cover up the problem areas on the subject. If it is a smaller area of skin, or a one tone area you can use the paintbrush to fill it in.


  • Depending on the type of image, use a soft, white brush and lightly go over the edges of the skin that you’ve cloned. This will add a dynamic glow and create a realistic finish.
  • Now you may crop your picture. Be sure to deselect the Delete Cropped Pixels option in case you want to re-crop for a larger image.

Before and after

Your image is now complete. Flaunt that fabulous personal portrait!

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