How to Photograph Unique Beauty Shots with a Spotlight

Studio lighting is becoming predictable. All the more reason to leave no stone unturned while experimenting with your lighting. Daniel Norton breaks out something that you won’t quite associate with still photography—a spotlight:

The Altman Spotlight has been modified to work with a Speedotron Pack.

how to use a spotlight to shoot beauty shots

Altman Spotlight with Speedotron Pack

The idea was to project the light through a small hole punched on a black card—a sort of DIY gobo. It made a light the size of a quarter.

how to shoot beauty portraits with spotlight

Norton aimed the light toward one of the model’s eyes.

highlighting the subject's eye

This highlighted her eye, bringing out all the beautiful blue color.

backlighting a beauty shot

Norton used a Profoto D2 as a backlight to create a beautiful rim light against a black background.

The model was also wearing black. The idea was to create an extremely low key image with the focus on the model’s eye and the shape of her head standing out against the background.

spotlight for beauty shots

The fact that the Spotlight is a modelling light means that it could be aimed back and forth and the beam of light could be focused precisely.

beauty shots with a modeling light

This is a great reminder to experiment with lighting. You could get a beautiful look that sets you apart from the crowd.

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