How to Build Your Brand as a Photographer

Photographers today have plenty of opportunities to showcase their work, thanks to the Internet. But this brings its own challenges. Since everyone has the same access, how you do stand out? As in other professions, photographers can—and should—brand themselves. But how do you start developing your photography brand? In the following video, photographer Evan Ranft shares his success story on how he grew his photography brand and his online presence:

“You can grow your brand over time to help people understand who you are as an artist. A lot of branding is showcasing the parts of yourself that make you unique.”

One important thing to keep in mind is that a brand cannot be built overnight. It requires hard work, consistency and perseverance. So patience plays a big role in determining whether or not you succeed in your plan to create a brand for yourself.

In the course of building your brand, you will come across many people who cannot relate to you and your work. And that’s okay. It’s important to understand that you cannot make everyone happy. Instead of focusing on everyone, understand your niche and continue doing what you do. There’ll always be a trade-off.

Then there’s another important point that Ranft discusses: brand identity. This includes your brand assets, such as logos, typefaces and color palettes, which make it easy for people to recognize your brand. You cannot just ignore this aspect.

Besides these, Ranft shares many more tips that’ll come in handy to develop your brand. Be sure to watch the complete video to find out what they are.

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