How to Be a Photography Ninja

Whether they’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, every photographer has their own way of preparing for an event and a process for making the ‘magic’ happen. However, very few photographers have a way of helping their clients to be relaxed and natural like New Zealand photographer Jonny Suckling. In this video, Suckling showcases his legendary Suckling Special, which he offers upon request at any wedding he photographs:

As any seasoned photographer can tell you, when you capture an individual in his or her natural element it adds a level to your photography that you simply cannot find in posed shots. Getting a subject to relax and enjoy themselves is just as important as the technical aspects of your photography. While it’s easy to get caught up in learning about your camera equipment, the human element of the photo shoot is just as important.

For instance, you can have the most beautiful bride in the world, but if your client is uncomfortable or confused it can easily lead to problems in the photo shoot. Your client could become agitated, bored, or even angry, and unfortunately, it will show in your photos.

photography ninja

Find a way for both you and your clients to enjoy the day.

To be a true photography ninja, you have to keep your clients at ease. Just like Suckling, find a way to stand out and help them to have a good time.

Remember: you’re there to help share their special day with the world, not to make them uncomfortable, so don’t treat your photo session like a formal photo shoot. Always try to find a way to make it fun for both you and your clients.

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