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This popular in-depth course, Digital Camera Mastery, is designed to get you off the Auto mode once and for all so that you can take outstanding photos that leave your friends and family speechless. We were able to negotiate an exclusive 85% off discount for our blog readers today if you want to check it out. Ending soon: Digital Camera Mastery at 85% Off

camera mastery

Digital Camera Mastery (see preview)

Here are some of the many things photographers learn in the course:

Module 1: The Fundamentals Of Stunning Photography

In this module you’ll discover all the essentials of taking sharp, high-quality photos with your digital camera. We’ll start from the beginning without assuming any prior knowledge. With that said, even experienced photographers will discover some pro secrets in this module.

Module 2: Compose Your Photos Like A Pro

If you can’t compose your photos correctly, it doesn’t even matter how sharp they are. And while photographers often struggle with composition, it’s actually quite straightforward once you start using the practical composition guidelines that you’ll discover in this module.

Module 3: Perfect Focus In Every Situation

Choosing which parts of the photo are in focus and which parts are out of focus is one of the key creative decisions you have to make as a photographer. The techniques you’re about to discover in this module will help you get the focus right in every photo you ever take!

manual exposure

Knowing how to use light effectively is one of the key skills in photography

Module 4: Deep Dive Into Exposure Controls

Do you keep your camera on Auto because the exposure controls are too complex? Or does it take you too long to set everything up without Auto? No worries. In this module you’ll discover my simple exposure hacks that will introduce you to an entirely new world of creativity!

Module 5: Lighting Hacks To Make Your Photos Pop

The light you shoot in has a huge impact on your photos. While some light conditions are easier than others, the techniques you’ll discover in this module will help you get stunning photos in any light conditions, including low light, bright sunlight and artificial light.

Module 6: Master Specific Photography Genres

The best way to enjoy photography is to take photos of what you love. So in this module we’ll take everything you’ve learned so far and apply it to common photography genres. You’ll get practical advice and step-by-step instructions for taking stunning photos in any situation.

manual camera settings

Manual exposure controls give you so many unique creative possibilities

You can take this course from your computer, tablet or smartphone, which is really convenient when you want to try out specific photography techniques while being away from home.

How to Get Digital Camera Mastery on Sale:

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