Crop vs. Full Frame Cameras: Can You Tell the Difference?

If you search the internet on the topic of full frame vs. crop frame sensors, you’ll tend to find that most people say full frame is the only way to go if you want professional-looking photos.

Not so, says Manny Ortiz in this video he made to highlight the real-world comparison of crop and full frame cameras:

Ortiz used a $6,000 full frame Sony A9 with a 85mm f/1.4 Gmaster lens, and a $2,000 crop frame Sony A6500 with a 55mm f/1.8 Zeiss lens to shoot the same images in the same lighting conditions. You may well be surprised to see the image comparisons side-by-side.

Ortiz says that there is a misconception that full frame cameras will take your work to the next level, but in his opinion it’s just not true.

All the images in this comparison were edited in exactly the same way to make the comparison fair, and there are no major differences.

A good lens will make a far bigger difference to the quality of your work than a full frame sensor, Ortiz points out. He also stresses that clients don’t care if your camera is is a full or crop sensor. What matters to them is good composition, lighting, and retouching.

full frame vs crop frame

Full Frame Camera Advantages

  • Bigger dynamic range
  • Better color
  • Creamier backgrounds with better depth or field
  • More detailed images when you zoom in
  • More leeway in post-processing

what is the difference between full frame and crop frame

If a crop frame camera is all you can afford at the moment, Ortiz shows us that you can still make great images that your clients will love.

“You can create amazing work with what you have in your hand. Get a good lens and invest in some education.”

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