Classical Posing and Portrait Lighting Photography Techniques

Mastery of portrait photography entails knowledge of lighting and posing techniques. In this video, renowned photography instructor Frank Dispensa takes us through the fundamentals of good posing for both male and female subjects. Along the way, he gives a quick lecture on light metering and lighting contrast ratios:

During the course of his lecture, Frank discusses how the near/far and high/low relationship of shoulders and hands create diagonals within the image, which lead to a strong, dynamic composition. He gives pointers on head tilt and body angle with respect to the direction of the light, how the gender of the subject affects these angles and why. He walks us through sitting and standing subject positions, shooting the classic two-thirds view, and shooting the less common but equally important profile view.

portrait lighting and posing

Whether you are a novice trying to learn the basics or and advanced photographer looking to brush up on your portrait skills, the hour-long seminar should provide a wealth of information.

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One response to “Classical Posing and Portrait Lighting Photography Techniques”

  1. Éric Senterre says:

    That was an awesome video for me that looking to learn posing. Love the way Frank explains! :)

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