Camera Levitation Photography Idea

Sometimes you really want to do something creative with your photography but nothing interesting comes to mind. Photographer Hayden Pedersen took inspiration from an Instagram account he follows and decided to take a photo of a camera levitating. Sound’s interesting, right? See how he did it:

Safety note. Since this idea requires you to swing a camera toward your lens, make sure that you keep a safe distance to be sure not to damage your lens and your camera. Also, make sure that the camera strap is strong enough to withstand some jerks.

Setup for Camera Levitation Photography

While an extra hand from a friend is useful for this kind of photography, you can do it alone as well. You will need:

  • a tripod
  • a wide enough lens (Pedersen uses a 28mm lens in the video)
  • a camera to shoot with
  • a camera to photograph

Set the focus mode to manual and focus the lens to its closest focusing distance.

Set the shutter speed to a faster side

And for a shallow depth of field, set the aperture just enough to have the entire camera in focus.

It is also important to note that since you’ll need to take multiple shots every time, set the camera to continuous mode.

Taking Camera Levitation Photos

Once you’re all set, set your camera to take a photo in self timer mode and keep a safe distance from your camera.

Once the countdown is over, carefully swing your camera toward the camera that’s taking the photos. While focusing on a careful swing, also pay attention to how you pose your own body.

camera levitation trick

The result can be a bit difficult to achieve at first, so take multiple shots. Your patience will be worth it!

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