Boxing Photography Tips

If you’re awarded the opportunity to do a commercial photo shoot for a major sporting event, you’ll want to be prepared and have a good idea of what the client is expecting. In this behind the scenes look at a photo shoot for a boxing match, you can take a look as photographer Monte Isom works with the athletes on set to ensure he gets the shot he is looking for:

Tips for Working with Athletes

  • Lead by example. If your subjects are having a hard time understanding how you want them to pose, demonstrate it for them.
  • When photographing athletes, it’s easy to remember to take shots of their muscles, but don’t forget about their faces. Top notch athletes tend to have a fierce competitive expression that translates well into portraits.
  • Have your subject practice some moves or stances to help set the tone.

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“When shooting athletes you want to use hard dramatic lights to emphasize their ripped muscles, but you still want to see their face.”

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