Black Pro-Mist Filter Effects for Photography

A Black Pro-Mist filter is something that has been in use for quite some time in cinematography. However, many photographers probably haven’t heard of it, let alone used it. What is a Black Pro-Mist filter? What effect does it have in your photos? Should you use a Black Pro-Mist filter for your photography work? Today we have photographer Kyle McDougall to talk about everything you need to know about using a Black Pro-Mist filter for photography:

A Black Pro-Mist filter is a special-effects filter that reduces highlights and slightly lowers the scene’s overall contrast. In short, it creates a diffusion effect and adds a softer feel to the image.

“If you actually look up close at the filter, you can see there are these little black specks in the glass that help achieve the effect.”

Black Pro-Mist filters work really well when you’re working in high contrast scenarios. As McDougall demonstrates in the video, the filter adds a misty effect, which makes the scene appear kind of dreamy. Also, when you’re facing a harsh light source, a Black Pro-Mist filter can help diffuse it and add unique characteristics to your image. In normal daylight conditions, however, the effect is quite subtle.

For more detailed information on the Black Pro-Mist filters, and to see live examples, be sure to watch the video above.

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