Air to Air Photography

How can you make water skiing cooler? Simple, trade in your pair of skis for an aircraft and use it to glide across the water. That’s what aviation photographer, Justin de Reuck, recently did. When the lucky photographer was asked to do a photoshoot of The Flying Lions, a South African Aerobatic Team, de Reuck suited up and climbed on board of a Harvard AT-6 aircraft with his Canon 1D to photograph the team as they performed the skiing trick. Luckily for us, de Rueck also took footage of the entire shoot to share with us as a behind the scenes look into what he was fortunate to have experienced firsthand. Have a look for yourself:

Aviation photography may not be for the faint hearted, but de Reuck sure seems to be comfortable with the idea as he slipped out of his seatbelt, slid the window open, and all but completely turned around in his seat to get the photographs. Now that’s commitment.

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  1. Michele de Reuck says:

    That’s MY SON!!!!

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