Aerial Photography: F16 Fighter Jets Photo Shoot

Not very many people are granted the access to suit up and take a spin in a F16 fighter jet, but when Tyler Stableford was asked to do a photoshoot with at the Buckley Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado it was all part of the job. Flying at altitudes of 14,000 feet the lucky photographer experienced G-Force on eight separate occasions, nearly causing him to black out.  You can find out how that feels in Stableford’s own words by watching the behind-the-scenes interview below:

The United States Air Force allowed Stableford access to 5 F16 fighter jets for the photoshoot, but Stablefords work didn’t stop at photographing. He also interviewed countless pilots and their families so he could have a better understanding of what it is like to be involved in the industry, in hopes that he could portray that emotion in the photographs.

aerial photophotographing f16 fighter jetsjet photography

“My motivation behind this shoot was to create most powerful and emotionally compelling images that I could. Period.”

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3 responses to “Aerial Photography: F16 Fighter Jets Photo Shoot”

  1. bycostello says:

    wow so lucky to have that opportunity

  2. sunday owolabi says:

    it’s wonderful to have a full view of a secret air force base jet. is interesting! most photographyers don’t know the pain this experience
    went through.

  3. Matthias Vohwinkel says:

    7 g’s at takeoff ?? I would be cleaning my gear for the rest of the flight :)

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